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No genuine consultative services firm to the Food Services Industry could make a claim that every solution that they champion comes strictly from within their own organization.  At Rest Ops Solutions we do not pretend to formulate every single winning idea, theory, or concept on our own.  But, we master the capacity to pass on winning solutions to our clients through business strategic thinking. 

Our network of constituencies and governmental agencies play a great role in not only providing invaluable regulatory guidance, but also in determining winning strategy to a mix of opportunities.  The listed links contained on this page represent some of the greatest resources for obtaining some of the ideas necessary to assist our clients with their business strategies and the like.

Every day, Rest Ops Solutions consultants collaborate with any of these resources (oftentimes they have gathered data and analysis intended for internal agency use within a particular body of investigation or exploratory need).  This is one way that the consultants at Rest Ops Solutions remain at the tip of the sword, and to maintain a razor-sharp edge over our competitors.  Our consultants exchange and share an interest in the latest intellectual findings regarding certain scientific analysis to studies and the like initiated by a variety of colleges and universities.   

Now that Rest Ops Solutions has merged with the ultimate Food Safety Training Provider in America, Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), we have broadened our overall lead over our competition.  This means that now we can offer you even lower fees for the best consulting services found anywhere in the United States.  


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