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At Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) we build long-lasting, professional business relationships with those whom we are called upon to serve.  In many instances we provide on-going solutions to particular challenges that our client food operators face, and they call upon us exclusively for their needs on a very frequent basis.  

Because we enjoy what we do, and because we sometimes help those in need, we are known in the community to help-out some local companies in the Metro San Antonio area whose owners are struggling to make ends meet.  Every one of our consultants is compassionate, understanding, and grateful for having a career full of reward and encouragement to do the right thing no matter what the circumstances may be. For these particular food operators we work countless hours to fully understand their business shortfalls so we may employ solutions that net positive gains in every area, in the quickest, most impactful manner for their business model.  Our fees and charges are completely waived, because we take great pride in turning-around those particular businesses.  

One such company with whom we have had the privilege to work with in the pre-COVID 19 days, and during the good times, today is a struggling business that we currently are helping to turn around.  

Viva Pho Vietnamese Restaurant, in Castle Hills, Texas is a single, one-owner food operation that the Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) consulting team is helping to re-gain a positive net flow (visit:


The consulting team at Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) implemented a Sushi HACCP Plan for Viva Pho so the restaurant could include the sales of high-quality sushi-grade fish, including special permission from the Health Department, so Viva Pho could bring-in additional sales. The consultants also created schedules for the chef and the food handlers to design, implement, and enforce very strict quality assurance processes were locked-in on a daily basis. 

Currently, the sales are showing an upward trend, but the consulting team is just beginning.  

The development of K,Pat Vending (visit: was designed to take the chef-inspired, restaurant-quality Sushi product and begin distribution from newly purchased state-of-the-art vending machines strategically located all over the city of San Antonio Metro Area.


The websites were designed and created by Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) consultants, as were all marketing materials, brochures, door hangers, and promotional strategies.  Cold-calling in the local community by the consulting team accounted for positive, growing market penetration.


For the Viva Pho management team and chefs the consulting team of Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) provided ServSafe Food Saffety Manager Classes, Exams, and Certifications; and, for the foodhandlers, the ServSafe Foodhandlers training took place inside the restaurant. 

Today, Viva Pho Vietnamese Restaurant & Sushi Bar, and K,Pat 

Vending are experiencing positive patterns and trends that will absolutely deliver continued margins of profit for the company.  

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