At Rest Ops Solutions our name says it all.  Rest Ops is short for Restaurant Operations.  Solutions means that we help to solve the challenges and deal with difficult situations to bring positive, long-term value by exceeding the expectations of the operator in the food service industry and abroad.  

We are a consulting services company that specializes in helping food operators and even private citizens with their daily needs like: Food Safety Training, HACCP Planning, Quality Control, Operations Inspections, New Store Openings, and so much more.  We know that you are very busy and sometimes you just need a little (or a lot of) help.  We have many years of experience, and we promise not to disappoint you,  In fact, we guarantee you that you will NOT find anyone else better than us, AND as inexpensive as us!  We train Health Departments all over the United States, and we have most likely served many of your competitors, friends, clients, and constituents in one way or another.  Call Us: 888-695-9926.


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With Rest Ops Solutions you get someone who fully  understands your needs.  We integrate your goals and objectives very high on top of the bar with our company philosophies and mission to obtain an absolution that provides you with the best models to programs and process improvement that money can buy in today's market environment. 

We are also approved, and accredited providers of all Food Safety Training in America.  As such, we offer all of the Food Safety Programs: SERVSAFE, NEHA, and PROMETRIC.   

Since 1989, Rest Ops Solutions has been helping the foodservice industry with many issues ranging from Food Safety Training, to implementing HACCP Plans, to helping food operators get back opened-up after being closed-down by the health department.  In so many more instances, Rest Ops Solutions has been the reason why some food establishments have become more profitable and remain open and successful today.
  • Required by all Health Departments
  • Food Protection Manager Certification
  • Food Handler Classes Offered
  • HACCP Plans & much more

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In light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, strategic thinking and the quick actions taken by the Rest Ops Solutions consultative team have established the guidance plans and documentation for food operators in America to implement within their food operation to prevent illness, and to maintain a sanitary, safe environment for everyone. Many operators of the food services industry are currently taking the necessary precautions set forth by the Rest Ops Solutions guidance to eliminate the possibility and/or the spread of the virus among the citizens of the United States.  And, you can too.  

A small summary of what the Rest Ops Solutions consultants have established to eliminate the potential for someone becoming ill are available for any food operator to review and to implement, simply by calling: 888-695-9926; or by emailing us:


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