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PME has Licensed Consultant/Instructors on staff who are dedicated to providing the Food Safety Training to the operators in the food industry.  As a national provider of ServSafe and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) classes and exams our team of consultant/instructors offer customized training and education services for those who are looking to obtain their valid Food Manager Certification.  

PME classes and exams comply with all standard requirements necessary to receive the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved certification.  

PME classes may be customized to suit the needs of the food operator, including location of their class, timeline for a class (day or night, week day or weekend, and length of class), and either paper or computer exam.   

Our professional staff of consultant/trainers are licensed and certified public health experts. 

PME provides any type of Food Safety services all across the food industry. 

CALL The Dream Team: 832-581-7096

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PME  hosting a ServSafe Food Safety Class

At Rest Ops Solutions our name speaks for us.  Rest Ops is short for Restaurant Operations.  Solutions means that we develop theoretical strategies that when combined, provide a clear set of evidence-based modifications.  We then synergize and solve the most complex and challenging opportunities.   We would be proud to work with you. 

We've built a strong reputation over many years of helping different businss models of the food services industry.  We are confident that our quality of work will not disappoint you.  We also believe that providing our services would be the most cost efficient choice available for the modern, every day challenges of today.    

To offer our clients the absolute optimal success for their special projects we utilize a combination of aqcuired business skills and knowledge gleamed from many years of our own industry-specific accomplishments.  

We work with a variety of business owners, facility operators, and other decision-makers to accomplish unit-specific goals and objectives.  

CALL The Dream Team: 888-695-9926


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We operate from our main "hubs" - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Laredo, & Austin

We are pleased to announce that the Food Services Industry just got synergized!

Premiere Management Enterprises and Rest Ops Solutions have merged together to better serve the Food Operators in the Texas market and abroad, with Food Safety Training and in Food Operations Consulting Services.   We are proud to have created the ultimate "Dream Teams."

Because food safety training and food operations consulting both require a greater depth of knowledge in process and programs initiatives to succeed with health department requirements and with overall business operations capabilities, the merger is a strategic move to integrate the two and accomplish greater success for our clients.  

These are exciting times, and we want to help our clients to maximize their business objectives with huge success and with a greater sense of ease, all under a single phone call, in most instances. 


We remain proud to announce that both of our companies are minority/veteran-owned and remain in good standings within all of America and abroad.     


Call The Dream Teams:

Laredo: 888-695-9926 

San Antonio: 210-381-7626  

Houston: 281-923-5583 

Austin: 512-523-5423

Email us:


See our Senior Consultant, a Food Safety Specialist 

To set up your training, call 832-581-7096 or email us:

Would You Like to See Our Consultant/Instructors on ServSafe?

Just Follow these simple steps:

  Click on the SERVSAFE  Button Below to Begin. But First follow these simple steps in the order listed   below: 

1.   Go to the ServSafe Manager Tab, then Click it

2.  Scroll down to "Instructor Led Course"

3.  Click on "Find Instructor"

4.  Complete the Search Criteria

The Instructors having the most listed food safety classes work for Rest Ops Solutions or Premiere Management Enterprises 

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Call The Dream Team  for your Food Safety Training       832-581-7096


At Rest Ops Solutions and PME, our  Consultants carry every credential possibly earned by virtually every agency having jurisdictional compliance authority over the food establishments doing business in the United States.  Each consultant is a certified and licensed food safety specialist, and each one of them has served and led within a senior level to executive level business environment.  Figuring out solutions to complex problems is what our consultants do, and from what comes back to us over and over again s that no one comes close to us and our levels for success.  

The Consultants at Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Management Enterprises are certified and licensed to train any food operator in the HA CCP principles.  That way each food operator can maintain a safety standards and food safety culinary edge over their competition.   The food operators in today's food industry that have a HACCP plan implemented and enforce it most often exceed their budgeted  profit margins and Quality, Safety, and Cleanliness goals.  The health departments list food operators having a HACCP system in place ranked very highly within their inspections goals and expectations for productivity and performance.  

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is a governmental agency that works with American food operations from within a number of public policy perspectives, some of which includes nutrition, food science, and management functions.  They provide leadership throughout the world in issues related to our natural food resources and more. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a very significant role in the food industry.  They are the governmental organization responsible for writing the FDA Model Food Code, and every food operation in America is held accountable for complying with a health code that defines process and procedures in which food safety is the end result.  

Among its multi-faceted governmental functions, the CDC has identified what the food industry recognizes as the 5- most common risk factors that lead to foodborne illness.  This is a subject matter that is taken very seriously by regulatory authorities when they visit any food operation in America to conduct their unannounced unit inspections.  

Rest Ops Solutions

Premiere Management Enterprises

Premiere Management Enterprises

Rest Ops Solutions

Rest Ops Solutions


For your ServSafe Food Safety Certifications, Check us Out: 832-581-7096


Have Challenges that You Cannot Solve in Your Food Operation? 

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