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Welcome to the New Era of Smarter Food Safety. The world around us is changing rapidly;  many believe we will see more changes in the food system over the next 10 years than we have in decades. Foods are being reformulated; there are new foods, new production methods, and new delivery methods; and the system is becoming increasingly digitized.

To keep pace with this evolution, FDA is taking a new approach to food safety, leveraging technology and other tools to create a safer and more digital, traceable food system.

Smarter food safety is about more than just technology. It's also about simpler, more effective, and modern approaches and processes. It's about leadership, creativity, and culture.

Our ultimate goal is to bend the curve of foodborne illness in this country by reducing the number of illnesses.

With the team of professional consultants at Rest Ops Solutions, the merging most recently with the professional trainer/consultants at Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), you can rest assured that not only will you get the most up to date information out of your food safety class, but you will actually be better informed in applying the principles and theories where you work.  

Oftentimes, our competitors' food safety classes are long, boring, and monotone.  Their instructors are incapable of applying any knowledge learned from a real food environment because they do not have any useful experience working in, and/or with an actual food operation.   

When you attend our food safety training classes you will be addicted to the fun in learning interesting, and necessary concepts and theories to keep the foods you work with safe from contamination.  You will leave with the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment.  

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The Professionals at Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) are committed to providing you with a top-notch level of Food Safety awareness.

About Foodborne Illness

Every year, millions of Americans suffer — and thousands die — from foodborne illnesses. While many foodborne illnesses are potentially preventable through having a working knowledge of basic food safety, it remains very problematic today.  Illnesses of this nature are damaging to both individuals and to the economy.

Ongoing food safety training within a food operation and monitoring process flow and procedural techniques helps to reduce illnesses and yields economic and social benefits.  For example:

  • Reduced loss of income and health care costs for the affected individual

  • Improved productivity within the operation

  • Reduced burden on the country’s healthcare system through improved public health

  • A safer food supply, from farm to table

  • Consumer confidence in the U.S. food supply leading to economic stability throughout the food sector

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We recognize that your restaurant is an integral part of the history and is a fabric of your community.  As you make plans to welcome customers back to your dining room, we want to help you spread the word or your readiness by working with you as a partner in the success of your entire team's understanding of food safety. The ServSafe and National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Food Safety Training provides your team with the skills needed to "WOW" your customers with the assurance that your restaurant is carefully following the recommended COVID-19 Safe Operating Guidance set forth through the Health Department by Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), and is "fully ready for business."

Food Safety and Food Handlers

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At Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), we sincerely believe that Food safety training should be relatable, persistent and inclusive.  From the first day of training, it needs to be emphasized that food safety is priority number one- not food cost, or labor, or sales!  The message needs to be reinforced constantly, and not just in class, or just on paper, or in the books. 

At the food operation, team members need support from management to feel like they matter, and that their effort is appreciated.  

Do team members have a place to go if they see a problem that needs to be addressed?  Are they only scolded for their mistakes, or are they also praised for their positive contributions to food safety?  Is there a clear line of communication that allows their voices to be heard, so that they can feel like they are an integral part of the wider goal to attain food safety goals? 

The business culture within the food operation for team members to function successfully should include a sense of inclusion and a common identity.  Each individual contributes to food safety, and they should be aware of that fact.

In the hustle of everyday operations, especially during the "fog of battle", when it is very busy, the big picture, regarding food safety can easily get lost.  In such instances there is an  exorbitant emphasis on speed and accuracy which invariably mis-characterizes the the food operation's efficacy and food safety awareness.  

At Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), we also believe that effective communications and training in the form of briefings, meetings, signage and updated materials are critical to support the organizational team. To achieve real progress in creating a corporate culture that supports great food safety behaviors, the team members must feel a personal connection to doing what is right.  Simply providing training on food safety is not enough — leaders in the food operation must go further to provide the motivation and positive incentives to encourage great behavior, as well as delivering the negative consequences in a timely manner when appropriate.