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 Who We've Served

While the companies listed here are simply representative of a small number of our client base, it is always our pleasure to provide them, our friends with the training and/or solutions to the pressing opportunities and challenges that they face each day.  Their business success depends on our attention to detail and our dedication to execute absolutely the highest degree of business acumen, an integral part of why our consultants are so closely vetted and screened before they are hand selected to work as a Rest Ops Solutions or Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) consultant.    

  P M  E  Consultant/Instructor holding Food Safety training at Little Caesars corporate office, as many of our clients ask for our ServSafe sessions to be held at a location of their preference.  

Contact the Dream Team:  832-581-7096 or by Email:

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Rest Ops Solutions holding HACCP training for Culinary class during Memorial Day holiday.  We hold classes and training on YOUR schedule because we know you are limited on time.  Call the Dream Team: 888-695-9926

  Rest Ops Solutions Consultants recently wrote and implemented a HACCP plan for a Houston Area livestock slaughtering plant that was closed-down for a large number of health code violations.  Today it is a major leader in the industry with complete USDA compliance approval rating.  Call the Dream Team for your HACCP system needs: 

888-695-9926  810-727-7514

or Email:

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  Rest Ops Solutions & P M E  consultants were recently hired by America's largest Grocery Store to provide a program for on-going, in-house food safety training and internal inspections for quality assurance and guaranteed product quality.  The size and scope of the project was for over one thousand sushi kiosks sporadically located inside almost every state in the U.S.  Each kiosk sells sushi products, and compliance standards were not being followed, and product quality was consistently below company quality standards.  

The company was losing substantially thousands of customers, and millions of dollars over these issues.  

Immediately out of the gate, Rest Ops Solutions consultant/instructors got to work and within the first quarter after being retained, the grocery chain reported a consistent 

upward trend to 28% of net sales, and a 15 % growth of kiosk transactions.  Current trends indicate similar growth.  

Call us to see what we can do for you.  The first consultations are ALWAYS free of charge.  

Call the Dream Team:  888-695-9926 


You'll be glad you did! 


A fried chicken chain company needed to implement a HACCP Plan after being closed down by the Health Department for multiple health code violations.  Rest Ops Solutions wrote the HACCP Plan and provided their training, and 4-weeks later the Health Department signed-off for them to open back up for business. 

Call the Dream Team: 888-695-9926     281-923-5583

Let us Help you with your Company's HACCP plan.

We've helped hundreds of food operators to implement their plans, and we can help you!

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Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) holding a ServSafe Food Safety Training Class for Greater Austin Merchant's Cooperative Association (GAMA) at their main office.  GAMA is one of the leaders of the C-Store co-ops in the State of Texas.  As such, GAMA enjoys having PME deliver their training on demand, and when their management teams are up for renewals of their Food Manager Certifications.  

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Rest Ops Solutions Consultants established a HACCP system for a food operation that asked for guidance to implement the compliance process to sell at retail, beef jerky and other dehydrated food products.  After having several methods for producing a vast number of signature cuts of animal food products on the basis of customer demands, the establishment needed to  implement active managerial control measures that would substantiate appropriate Lm and other pathogenic controls.  The Food Safety Specialists got busy and formulated cost-effective procedures while facilitating the USDA required sanitary and cleanliness standards.    Call the Dream Team: 


 or Email to:

We operate from four main "hubs" - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin

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P M E  Consultant/Instructor holding a ServSafe Food Safety class  session in Dallas, TX.  Our classes are fun and filled with the absolute discussions that will make comprehension of the information necessary to pass the Food Safety exam.  They also cover the important factors important to the food operations.  The exams change every day, so nobody will ever take the same exam twice.  In Texas, the Food Manager Certificate is valid for five years from the anniversary date of the class.  For your company's next ServSafe Food Safety class, Call the Dream Team: 832-581-7096

or Email us:

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 No job is too large or too small for our Consultant/Instructors.  Each has a large knowledge base and can provide strategic direction for practically anything related to a food operation.  They prefer to apply their skills and competencies along with a wealth of resources available to them to help grow your business.  When you need a "think tank" for solutions, just call on the industry professionals that many food operations in America depend and rely upon.  Our consultants enjoy what they do because what they do has true value.  Call the Dream Team: 888-695-9926  832-581-7096;   210-381-7626  or         512-523-5423                 


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P M E  Consultant/Instructor holds HACCP systems training session in Austin, TX for staff members of the Texas Dept. of State Health Services- Health Compliance Inspectors.  

If your company is required to implement a HACCP Plan, we can help you.  

Call the Dream Team:

832-581-7096  or               


By Email:

Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Managment Enterprises (PME) have a business commitment to each client company that they service to work very hard to build strong alliances and long-term partnerships with them and their teams.  To maintain the absolute highest level of service and respect with America's well-known food service establishments, Rest Ops Solutions and PME consultants strive to improve food quality and food safety for all food business concepts.   

So Many of Our Client Companies are not Listed Here Due to Limited Space


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