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Our VISION: to forge strong business relationships with our clients by delivering superior value through insightful guidance and  training  

So you're at a crossroads with one of your restaurants, or perhaps any number of your stores just aren't making the forward progress that you know they should be producing by this point in time. Something just insn't right; or maybe nothing is right. 

At one point in time you could put your finger right on it without missing a step, and fix the issue(s).  But now, nearly everything is different because you're not in the loop anymore, and no one else can step in to take-on the challenge.  A process or a program  that once worked perfectly is now  broken, or at least, is out of sync.  Don't worry.  

This is where the Dream Team of consultant/instructors from Rest Ops Solutions & PME come in.  We're the trouble-shooters; the ones to call at this moment in time. The fact is, we find ourselves stepping in to the challenges facing the food industry right at about this phase.  

The good news is that we are a big group of professional "think tanks," and we have unlimited, highly industry-specific resources at our disposal.  No job is too big, or too small for us.  And best of all, we won't break the bank and cause you to go over budget!  

That's because we take on any of the challenges that our clients call upon us to solve.  And then we provide them with attainable, cost-effective, and fast, long-lasting solutions. 

Our clients want and expect quantifiable solutions.  That's what we deliver. 

We focus on tangible, positive and long-term change for improvement.  Our goal is to extend our client's horizons, by helping them to understand their team's very own potential and creating the best conditions for their long-term success by utilizing their team to produce the expected results.   This way, they can rest assured that improvements are permanent and steadfast.  

We are not satisfied with merely producing a report and walking away.  Our strengths lie in our strategic orientation and a genuine concern for sustainable change.   Whether engaged in a project, general advice, or an on-going business mentoring, we deliver positive results by utilizing a vast industry-based skillset and a superior knowledge mass for our clients to achieve their optimal success results. 

Companies from all over the United States and abroad have benefited from our leadership in the foodservice industry.  From the small, single owner taqueria in Laredo, Texas to the multi-unit conglomerate based in Ontario, Canada having facilities all over North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) leads the way into the next century when it comes to programs and process improvements for the food industry. 

We share our knowledge and expertise to transform your business in meaningful ways, always optimizing short and long-term success.    Call our Dream Team to see how we can help you grow your business:888-695-9926   281-923-5583   210-727-7514   512-523-5423  Or email us at:

Celebrating over 34 years of guidance to the Foodservice Industry

We operate from four main "hubs" - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin

How We Work For You, Our Client


What Sets Us Apart from All of the Other Consultants

They say that to help another, one must be suitable, understanding, and capable- a true leader.  At Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME),  each one of our Consultants has many decades of having held leadership responsiilities in the Food Service Industry.  They work with food operators  from all over the United States, sharing their invaluable and extensive industry-specific knowledge and competencies to provide solutions to operational challenges.


Our client base ranges from the small mom-and-pop taqueria or icehouse, to the huge conglomerate chain of restaurants; and our services include working with every type of food concept, be it Mediterranean, Chinese, Mexican, Bar-B-Que, etc.   Every business model, from fast food, quick service, casual dining, full-service, cafeteria, hospital, daycare, nursing home, slaughtering plant, and everything in between calls on the Dream Team to offer tangible, quantifiable solutions to the challenges of the business.


Chances are, if you have ever eaten food away from home, the place where you eat may be one of our clients. 

Why do food operators search specifically for Rest Ops Solutions & PME to retain their services?  The answer is a simple, but first consider this common scenario:  Food operations have many processes and programs simultaneously functioning during the course of any normal business.  And because the industry is constantly evolving, sometimes any number of the process/programs are challenged.  For example, a sudden and unannounced construction crew begins long-teerm work in front the restaurant causes several weeks of loss in profitability.  The management team struggles to make the necessary adjustments.  As a result, food and labor costs skyrocket; sales volume drops; transactions drop;  moral drops, and the store loses good qulaity employees.  

Now our answer to the question above: 1). The evolution cycle of consistency within the food industry is in constant flux.  Posing challenges and situations that cannot be solved from anyone standing on the inside looking to the outside arise without notice.  That requires the deployment of knowledge and skills expertise from experts of the industry, like Rest Ops Solutions and PME.  The Dream Team provides positive, measurable success; 2). Evidence affirms that Rest Ops Solutions and PME consultants have NEVER failed any client- ever!  They are the only choice for reaching an absolution and retaining superior levels of profitability.  They achieve those goals by creating quick solutions to any conflict or challenge; and 3).  Rest Ops Solutions & PME consultants DO NOT  break the  bank!  

About Our Consultants and Their Capabilities

Our consultants arrive at Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME)  ONLY AFTER an in-depth talent search, and a subsequent, rigorous evaluation process of each candidate.  Then, with Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) they receive only the absolute finest, high-quality on-going industry-specific training.  Furthermore, each Consultant is encouraged to attend specific workshops, seminars, and collegiate-level training sessions.  They are frequently invited to host Food Service presentations all over the U.S, and oftentimes they are selected to be public speakers at a variety of Food Industry Conventions.  Health Departments all over the country try but fail to recruit Rest Ops Solutions /Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) consultants.  


All Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) Consultants are FDA Food Code Experts, and HACCP Plan-certified.  Routinely, they provide training in Food Safety and other programs and process theory at a variety of college and university campuses.


Whatever your challenge may present, our team of expert consultants can help you.  And you should know that they are never alone.  Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) Consultants collaborate daily with their peers, industry experts, professors, scientists, and doctorate personnel of the Food Industry.  This means that when you hire Rest Ops Solutions/PME for your needs, you receive the Food Industry's absolute best problem-solving talent of experts that money can buy-PERIOD!

What Our Clients Tell Us About Our Competitors

At Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), we receive a consistent flow of information from many of our clients and their constituents regarding the multiple shortcomings facing our competitors when they embark upon a client's challenges.  Among the many pitfalls that they face are the high stakes and costs associated with the collapse of obtaining absolution for continued success.  What is said of the competition of their business is that our competitors do not:

  • consider the associated costs for conflict resolution

  • produce accurate road maps for process improvement

  • reach amicable solutions for long-term, and continued success  

  • possess the necessary industry-specific knowledge to succeed

  • begin process improvement with business acumen and intuition 

  • provide strong leadership capabilities

  • achieve total success

  • bring comfort and satisfaction to the client that success will be achieved

  • provide professional absolution to problematic challenges

The reality is that you need to do your homework whenever you look for your problem-solving expert to deal with the challenges to your business model.  

Our Approach

As a result of our competitor's shortcomings, Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) provides a combined multi-faceted approach to demonstrating an emphasis on objectives to be completed, every step of the way.  Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) is proud to be known to effectively communicate efficiently with everyone involved with the process.


The gathering of data analysis and analytical patterns of previous and existing operations performance is obtained once Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) Consultants are brought in to assist our clients.  As we work for our clients with full and complete confidentially, nothing of proprietary  or trade concern is ever shared, communicated, or otherwise exposed to outside sources, nor are any specifics offered to anyone else without the written permission of our client. 


Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) Consultants do NOT share any of the client data, information, analysis, findings, or solutions with anyone else.  Because timing is as important as is positive, on-going success for our clients, Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) Consultants are diligent in serving our clients with timely updates and findings.  The communications between Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) support personnel and mechanisms and client personnel and their systems is always open and effective, but it remains of the upmost confidential in structure and nature.  

Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) believes that a client's trust in our Consultants is of paramount importance, and is of real value for the continued success of both, Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) and its clients.  To that end, Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) promulgates these objectives within its team of Consultants and built its core values from this premise.  


At Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) our clients tell us that we are fair, honest, and that we help them to maintain continued growth... and, at a cost that is fair, practical, efficient, and very well worth the on-going success of their business model, as a whole entity.    

Call the Dream Team: 888-695-9926, email us at, or contact us via this website.  You may also contact us via Facebook and Twitter. 




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To set up your training, call our Dream Team: 888-695-9926    832-581-7096      210-727-7514      512-523-5423                      or email us:

We operate from four main "hubs" - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin

Rest Ops Solutions

Does your company have a new program or is there a process that just doesn't seem to generate the kind of interest it once did from your customers?  Or maybe there's a particular program or a process that once worked flawlessly but now it just seems to barely generate what it used to?  Our seasoned restaurant consultants are industry experts, and they will help you re-gain the control needed to obtain a maximized resolution, whether it be financial, marketing, operational, or any other business challenge.  We can use your own existing goals as a guide to provide the practical solutions needed to re-elevate your entrepreneurial spirit and passion, and re-capture that "buzz" that once existed.  Your successful program is our success story.   Call the Dream Team: 888-695-9926, or at 832-581-7096.  Email either:    or to:  Let's do this together!



We Celebrate the thousands of people who 

transformed their business with help from our experts

Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) delivers a variety of foodservice consultancy services across the country.  Based in San Antonio, Texas, we operate from four main "hubs" - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin , although our clients are situated all over the U.S. and Canada.   From our hubs, we offer everything under the Sun, from Food Safety Training to Operational Planning, to Human Resources and Business Strategies.  We consult and train Food Operators utilizing the Food and Drug Administration Model Food Code to administer any of the  training sessions and exams for participants who want to obtain certifications required by all Health Departments.   Rest Ops Solutions services clients who require any of our other consultative services.  

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