Because we have received so many requests from our clients and new visitors to post some sample ServSafe exams on our website, we finally decided to take some action and do so. 

These PDF files are provided to you as training materials to familiarize you with the actual ServSafe Exam.  We hope you will take advantage of these valuable resources prior to attending our Food Protection Manager Certification Class and Exam. 

We sincerely hope this helps you, and when you are ready to set up your training, please call us.  We are here to help.  888-695-9926  or 281-923-6892.

The listed quizzes and practice tests are very similar in nature to the actual exam questions. Consider the theory, logic, and concepts, as many students think that because a question may appear to be specific in content that it does NOT apply to them, when actually it DOES,  when/if a different product or process may  be substituted for the one in the question.  For Example: "to protect foods from time and temperatre abuse, which product should be kept under refrigeration until being used?  A.) peanut butter  B). bread  C). whole, uncut tomato  D). shell eggs

The answer is D). shell eggs.  Although you may not use shell eggs in your restaurant the theory and concept is to keep cold foods cold, and hot foods hot to prevent time & temperature abuse.. 

Quiz #1
Quiz #6
Quiz #2
Quiz #7
Quiz #3
Quiz #8
Quiz #4
Quiz #5
Quiz #9
Quiz #10
Quiz #11
Quiz #12
Quiz #13
Quiz #14
Practice Test
Practice Test
Take Care to Give Care
Things Are Not What They Seem
Start 'Em Out Right
Sample of our Class Lecture

FAT TOM is a very large portion of the Food Safety Training.  Take the time to get fully familiar with this term and all of the components associated with it.  It is an acronym that is used widely throughout the Food Industry.  Our classes cover this and many other subjects.  All of our Consultants are certified Instructor/Proctors.  They are ALL well-rehearsed in every aspect of the industry.  At Rest Ops Solutions, we are involved with  the training of many of the Health Department Inspectors at the local, state and federal levels. 

Each of our Consultants has several years operating their own restarants and is also classified as a Food Safety Specialist and/or Inspector. 

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