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Rest Ops Solutions & Premiere Management Enterprises - PME, are two well-known food service companies that each retains highly talented consultant/instructors.  These experts, are frequently known and trusted to serve the food industry , but in different ways.    

Now that Rest Ops Solutions and PME have merged together our cliens, many of which are long-time business partners refer to our group of consultant/Instructors as the "Dream Team."

Our Premiere Management Enterprises - PME group of Consultant/Instructors serve all of the industry needs and matters that petraing to Food Safety, Quality Assurance, Food Defense,  and  related training


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Our Rest Ops Solutions Consultant/Instructors serve all of the other matters of the industry.  Sometimes that meanss  providing assistance to the food operators with solutions to broken processes or procedures  at any point; or whenever they face any sort of challenge that they are not able to resolve themselves internally; our Dream Team provides the "think tank" methodologies to create success for the business model. 

Together, Rest Ops Solutions and PME work with a variety of businesses, including hotels, grocery stores, schools, resta
urants, catering facilities, and hundreds of other foodservice entities across America by providing them with strategic direction in a multitude of programs and processes, and/or food safety.  

Our client list is long and distinguished, but we achieve success by offering a wide variety of services with optimal solutions for our clients' needs.  All of this is made possible by keeping up with market trends & patterns, the industry changes, and the evolving methodologies taking shape within the food industry.   

Our companies are minority/veteran-owned businesses, and they are registered to conduct business in all of the United States and abroad.   

We operate from four main "hubs" - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin

Our Consultants

At Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) we have sought-out and acquired only the finest, well-experienced professionals to join our team of talented consultants.  Just having foodservice expertise is NOT enough for any one of them to make the cut, or to pass our vetting process.  Our consultants come from within the food foodservice industry, and each one has their own wide range of experience, and each one brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and overall "know-how" to obtain superior results for our distinguished list of demanding clients. Our consultants are nationally- acclaimed geniuses of the food industry.
We focus on providing our team of consultants with on-going skills development training to keep up with the quick-changing environments of the food business. 
Each one of our Consultants serves in multiple roles:  Consultant/Instructor/Proctor/Trainer/Administrator.    


About Our Companies & Our Senior Consultant

Rest Ops Solutions & Albert Zamora, CP-FS

"A successful leader in the food business integrates the diverse skills, competencies, knowledge, and the creativity of their own team to deliver optimal results."  Rest Ops Solutions & Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) excel at enabling a team of food industry consultants, across a very broad range of disciplines and competencies to create real, long-lasting contributions for their food industry clients.

As a U.S. Marine, Sgt., A.J. Zamora was assigned to 1st Reconnaissance  Special Forces Battalion, 1st Marine Division at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego, California, until transferring to Naples, Italy, at Allied Forces Southern Europe (NATO), where he later accepted his Honorable Discharge, in 1984.    


Albert began his food services career in 1987, by opening his own restaurant in south Houston, three years after he become a Police Officer with the City of Houston Police Department (in 1987).  He actively worked several years in a dual-career capacity from that point on, having over 96-hours per week as a Police Officer by day, and restaurant owner/operator by night, until the day he retired from each one, many years later.       


Albert is currently involved with the daily business operations at what is today, two seperate, well-established food service consulting firms that he opened during his retirement out of a continued number of calls and necessity to return to the food business. It was in 2008, when Rest Ops Solutions was formed, and later in 2010 he established Premiere Management Enterprises to work primarily with everytning related to food safety.  . 


Today, Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) have merged together to offer their clients a broader range of specialist-provided services.   This works to better help clients build higher profit margins and to attain and then exceed their own business goals and objectives.  

Albert Zamora is the President and Founder of the Rest Ops Solutions Consulting Group.  For 37 years, he has been working on risk assessment of foodborne pathogens, methods development for controlling pathogenic growth in foods, foodborne disease investigation and training, illnesses caused by seafood toxins, and in risk management strategies for the food industry.  His work includes producing videos and pamphlets on food safety education and training. 

Some of his recent research has been on studying Salmonella, Bacillus cereus, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, and E. coli 0157:H7 transfer coefficient and a variety of modeling projects.  He continues to collaborate with governmental agencies in academia at every level of regulatory compliance authority regarding  the research and training initiatives in hygiene, sanitation, and cleanliness at childcare centers, schools, and elder care facilities, but also among the many operations where food is prepared and served.  He is an industry expert in matters involving everything pertaining to food safety and food safety training.

A frequent reviewer of manuscripts of several different scientific journals, Albert has also extensively published several food safety articles for numerous food operations and organizations throughout the United States and Canada.  He speaks and organizes symposia on a national platform for a variety of food safety meetings, conferences, and seminars.  He was instrumental in producing extraordinary teamwork and support with respect to the large numbers of food operators from within the Quick Service Industry in Canada obtaining the Excellence in Science Award, and the Canadian Distinctive Service Award in 2007 and 2008  by Health Canada. 

During his research and academic career as President/Founder at the Rest Ops Solutions Consulting Group, in 2010, Albert established the food safety consultative firm, Premiere Management Enterprises, to create a solutions platform for the surveillance and prevention of foodborne illnesses (including continued education for professional food handlers, chefs, managers, and even consumers). 

In 2012, he developed food safety assurance models and systems (e.g., Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System) for the businesses serving food in North America to better understand the national food safety programs, and thereby strengthen their company’s brand.  Albert also developed a risk analysis and management process utilizing the existing Codex Alimentarius Commission and the Food and Drug Administration Model Food Code to create a standardized system for training food operators with “real-world” food safety levels above the accredited National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe Food Safety Program. In this capacity, he has developed Food Management systems and managed various emerging food safety issues and crises for thousands of client food operators. 

Albert is the author, co-author, or editor of numerous peer-reviewed articles, books, training manuals, and other publications utilized every day in the food industry.  Some of Albert’s latest articles include writings on such industry-related information on pathogens and biofilms in food processing, and food processes such as fermentation and the canning process, among a variety of other topics, all of which are food safety-related.  Regarding food safety management, and guides for the food industry, including food safety for children, Albert continues to advocate for higher levels of understanding by those who serve citizens of high risk. 

Since his retiring from hands-on food operations, in 2008, Albert serves as scientific advisor and trainer for a number of Food Safety Consultants.  He simultaneously has worked with food regulating governmental organizations from all over the United States, including Michigan, Colorado, Ohio, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Illinois.  His expertise includes assessments of food safety programs, risk assessments of chemical hazards in food, food safety during mass gatherings, and food defense programs, all of which escalate from local, to national levels. 

Rest Ops Solutions and PME are well-known consulting firms and each one remains highly regarded by the Health Departments all over the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. Today, every local, state, and federal regulatory authority works very closely with the consultative teams from Premiere Management Enterprises and Rest Ops Solutions in collaborative and joint efforts to help the food operators of the U.S.  

Rest Ops Solutions and PME, the ultimate "Dream Team" of consultants are frequently called upon by the various Health Departments throughout the United States to provide training for the teams of Health Inspectors and registered Sanitarians. 



Albert Zamora is the founder &  CEO of Rest Ops Solutions- since 2008; and he currently sits as the founder & CEO of Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), est. 2010.  He served in 2- very different careers simultaneously for several years- in Law Enforcement as a Police Officer, and in the Food Industry as a Restaurant Owner.  

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Having proudly served for many years in Law Enforcement, Albert Zamora began his law enforcement career in 1984, almost immediately after leaving the U.S.M.C.  He is currently a Certified Police Instructor for the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement (TCOLE).  He has enjoyed several years of  Honorable Service working in Houston.  While working as a Police Officer, Albert also worked full-time in his own, 185-seat restaurant with off and on-premises catering, grossing an annual sales volume of over $2 million since 1988.  The business remains open today.   

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It is understood that behind every moment of success there stands the rock that supports it.  Albert Zamora has had tremendous support from the four girls in his life.  Pictured from left to right: his wife, Maria, his late daughter Christina, Candiss Jo, and Marissa; now college-graduate professionals in their industry.  

Charles Cook

Charles Cook is a Food Service Consultant based in the Greater Houston Market, but he serves all over Texas. Charles received his invitation to join Rest Ops Solutions after more than two and a half decades into his career as a senior-level supervisor in the Quick Service Industry.  Having served very successfully in the Valley of South Texas as District Manager, Charles returned to the Greater Houston Area, where he accepted a tenured position at International House of Pancakes (IHOP). In addition to his supervising duties, Charles was a regular contributor to the Environmental Health and Safety Program.  He is an enthusiastic bow hunter, and he enjoys attending cultural events in the Theater District.  As a veteran of the Gulf War, he received numerous unit command awards before having been honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force.  Charles most recently collaborated on manuscripts for a variety of clients, and has coauthored independent writing assignments entitled HACCP Plans, New Store Opening Guidelines, Best Practices: Research & Development, and a variety of Quality Assurance Programs, for clients all over the United States.  Charles continues to serve proudly and independently as a well-established Consultant.  He brings several years of restaurant expertise to the table and is very dedicated to teaching, sharing, and spreading his vast portfolio of business knowledge to food service operators who are eager to move forward with their own career.     

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Business Administrator
Maria Zamora

Maria Zamora is the Business Administrator at Rest Ops Solutions, and Co-Founder/ Partner at Premiere Management Enterprises (PME).   She is a certified Instructor/Proctor and plays a vital role in maintaining uniformity in the daily operations not only for the Consultants, but also for the Independent Instructor/Proctors and the office personnel. 

After having proudly served a vital role in the Legal Industry for almost two decades, Maria comes very well-rehearsed in the Food Industry as well, utilizing her business management skills to successfully supervise the administrative operations and personnel at the four main hubs: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. 

Maria has been instrumental in creating the standardized business model for all consultative services, and later she served to coordinate standards for operating procedures for Premiere Management Enterprises (PME).  She remains focused on the growth and continued success for both companies while residing in the Greater San Antonio area. 

Maria is married to Albert Zamora, and together they have two daughters, both having graduated from college and living in Austin, Texas. 

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Nasir Abbasi

Nasir Abbasi is a seasoned professional of the Foodservice Industry.  Since 1982, he has successfully deployed solutions for both Food Services and Food Safety Training environments.  His consultative responsibilities from 2010 thru 2015 included the formation of data analysis from a variety of sources obtained by a large client base to provide strategic solutions to long-term challenges.  Having studied at American University in Dubai, Nasir holds an MBA in Health Services, and he brings insight and expertise into the necessary training and development requirements for many of the company’s clients and their management teams.  Most recently, some of his projects have included:

  • Operational audits

  • Dietary/Nutritional Matrices

  • Project management office design and implementation for large,

cross-functional projects

  • Business process and technical remediation for compliance efforts

  • Post-mergers and acquisitions business restructuring and systems


  • System replacement and upgrades

  • HACCP, GMP, SQF, & GFSI Systems Development

  • Organizational planning

  • Facilitating executive retreats

Nasir is particularly skilled at group software automation, and he enjoys forging consensus among people having diverging ideas and opinions.

Business Meeting
Stanley "Big Red" Watson

Stanley began his career in 1989 at IndiWest Group, LLC, a Los Angeles-based casual dining concept, where he was responsible for the training and development of the operations teams for potential franchisees seeking to join the company.  He was instrumental in building up the brand awareness throughout the business model in its entirety.  In 1998 he joined the Diamond Foods Group where he served as VP Operations. 

While at Diamond Foods he created a very successful campaign to improve the company-wide food safety standards and procedures by developing the internal auditing system which led to numerous blue-plate awards issued by the federal regulatory authorities. 

In 2009, Rest Ops Solutions recruited Stanley to the Consulting Services Team where he is instrumental in planning and preparing clients with the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies to successfully grow their business. Stanley is currently married and has three children, all of which are adults in college.  

Stanley is also working on his MBA in Hospitality Management through the University of Houston.  

Gina Langley
consultant Gina Langley pic_edited.jpg

Gina Langley was recruited by Rest Ops Solutions in 2009 to function as a Consultant after a very successful twenty-eight-year career in the Food Industry.  Gina’s latest accomplishment as Registered Sanitarian came when she decided that two decades of "hands-on" restaurant operations as Food Service Director had delivered dividends, and it became time for her to look into deeper horizons.  With over 32,000 hours of coaching businesses along with certifications and mentorship from some of the top leaders in the U.S. from the USDA and FDA, Gina served a huge number of food service establishments.  It is no wonder why her clients get Positive RESULTS. Gina is a commonly sought-out speaker for a variety of NRA presentations, and she continues to write a variety of articles regarding food industry news, some of which she plans to release from this website.

Gina has successfully coached every foodservice business model under the sun with her expert abilities from start-up at the ground level to Fortune 100 Companies earning over $11 million in sales.  It is her commitment and belief in her clients’ success that is instrumental in helping them to reach phenomenal levels that they didn’t dream possible. 

Gina is currently planning to secure her graduate degree in Hospitality Management but is not certain whether attend Texas Tech University or University of Houston.  She has options available and will decide later in the year.  

Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Management Enterprises are pleased to have Gina on board to assist with designing and developing a newer, updated e-learning center. 

Gina is currently married and has four teen-age children.  

Joaquin (Joe) Abuelos

Mexico-born medical professional turned restaurateur, who also directed a successful chain of restaurants in the southern region of Mexico, Joaquin has taken his love of food training to the next level by accepting the invitation to join Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) as a Consultant. 

He first embraced a love of food as a child, at family gatherings where he cooked for family events and numerous friends while growing up in Oaxaca.  Joaquin originally planned to be a doctor, finishing his master's degree and studies while learning English, but he soon realized his heart was not in it.  He left the medical environment behind and enrolled in culinary arts and more recently received an honorary degree in culinary arts.  With a world of choices ahead, he first set out on a tour of countries known for great cuisine.   

In July 2010 Joaquin took the leap and became a Consultant with Rest Ops Solutions, to become a global leader in creating business solutions for foodservice operators in Texas and abroad.  

Given his Latin upbringing and charismatic personality, Joaquin was first offered the chance to showcase his skills in creating, introducing, and implementing HACCP plans for Hispanic foodservice operators all over the U.S. who were just beginning their pre-opening standard operating procedures.  Today, much of Joaquin's work is featured in compliance-approved inspection directives, plans, and in a variety of formats set forth by USDA and FDA requirements inside food operations from coast to coast.  

F S class .jpg

Rest Ops Solutions & Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) are unique foodservice consulting companies.  From having unmatched culinary research and development capabilities, to decades of food operations experience our Rest Ops Solutions consultants are experts at generating results that matter.


Our PME consultants  are also professional leaders of the food industry, and each one of them possesses the food safety knowledge and expertise to train the federal, state, and local health departments. 


Our clients can rest assured that with PME and with Rest Ops Solutions, they are working with a family-owned company that has the client's success and their best interest in mind. 


The PME and Rest Ops Solutions consultant teams work hard to deliver their customer's satisfaction and trust while also providing the most profitable solutions to their challenges on one hand, and on the other hand, to attain the most efficient food safety training for the success of the client's business.

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Business Meeting

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