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Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) delivers a variety of foodservice consultancy services across the country.  Based in West San Antonio, Texas, we operate from four main "hubs" - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin - offering everything under the Sun, from Food Safety Training, to Operational Planning, to Human Resources and Business Strategies.  We consult and train Food Operators utilizing the Food and Drug Administration Model Food Code to administer training sessions and exams for participants to obtain certifications required by all Health Departments.   

Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) has been assisting a variety of hotels, grocery stores, schools, restaurants, catering facilities, and hundreds of other foodservice entities across America in providing strategic direction in a multitude of programs and processes.  Our client list is long and distinguished.  We achieve success by offering a wide variety of services with optimal solutions to our client needs, all while keeping up with market trends, patterns, change, and methodology.   

Our Consultants

At Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) we have sought-out and acquired only the finest, well-experienced professionals to join our team of talented consultants.  Just having foodservice expertise is NOT enough to make the cut.  Our consultants come from all walks of life and each has their own wide range of foodservice experience, to bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and overall "know-how" to obtain superior results for our distinguished list of demanding clients. Our consultants are nationally- acclaimed geniuses of the food industry.
We focus to provide them with on-going skills development training to keep up with the quick-changing environments of the food business. 
Each one of our Consultants serves in multiple roles:  Instructor/Proctor/Trainer/Administrator.    

Our Senior Consultant

Albert Zamora, CP-FS

"A successful business operator integrates the diverse skills and creativity of their team to deliver results."  Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) excels at enabling our team of consultants across a very broad range of disciplines and competencies to create real, long-lasting contributions for our clients. "Drawing on over three decades of experience in the Food Industry, I sincerely focus on delivering value-driven solutions to a diverse mix of people in our customer base."
Albert continues to lead the way in the training and development of tens of thousands of clients located all over the USA, from within a group of highly-talented Consultants to the Food Industry.  
Albert began his food services career in 1989, by opening his own restaurant, five years after he become a Police Officer with the City of Houston.  He actively worked several years in a dual-career capacity, or over 96-hours per week as a Police Officer by day, and a food operator by night.      
He is currently involved in the daily business operations at what is today, one of the nation's premier consulting firms in America.  Specializing in food safety training, and food operations programs and processes improvement, Rest Ops Solutions consultants pride themselves with remaining a top-notch provider to the food industry.  
With a massive business knowledge portfolio and expertise coming from an industry-specific hands-on approach to multiple challenges, Albert leads with the highest level of integrity, and dedication to duty. Having over thirty-three years of helping, developing, and educating others, his work ethic and morals are greatly comprised of the same philosophies and a rare style of values  and principles passed on to him from his father, a mild-tempered, leader with a vision to succeed, and to share the rewards of hard work. That, coupled with his ability to, "meet today's demand for excellence provides the synergies that result in long-term success for everyone."  

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Also having many, many years in Law Enforcement, Albert is currently a Police Instructor for the 4th largest Police Department in the USA, and he has enjoyed several years of  Honorable Service working there. 

Charles Cook

Charles Cook is a Food Service Consultant based in the Greater Houston Market. Charles received his invitation to join our group after more than two decades into his career as a senior-level supervisor in the Quick Service Industry.  After having served very successfully in the Valley of South Texas as District Manager, Charles returned to the Greater Houston Area, where he accepted a tenured position at Whataburger. In addition to his supervising duties, Charles was a regular contributor to the Environmental Health and Safety Program.  He is an enthusiastic Harley Davidson motorcycle rider, and a Vietnam Veteran, having honorably served within the U.S. Navy.  Charles most recently collaborated on manuscripts with friend and colleague, Albert Zamora, for a variety of clients, entitled HACCP Plans, New Store Openings, Research & Development, and Quality Assurance Programs, in which he and Mr. Zamora presented to a variety of clients all over the United States during the course of seven years. Charles continues to serve proudly and independently as a well-rehearsed Consultant.  He brings several years of restaurant expertise to the table and is very dedicated to teaching, sharing, and spreading his vast portfolio of business knowledge to food service operators who are eager to move forward with their own career.  Charles currently resides in Cold Spring, Texas with his wife Susie.  

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Business Administrator
Maria Zamora

Maria Zamora is the Business Administrator at Rest Ops Solutions.  She is a certified Instructor/Proctor and plays a vital role in maintaining uniformity in the daily operations not only for the Consultants, but also for the Independent Instructor/Proctors and the office personnel.  After having proudly served a vital role in the Legal Industry for almost two decades, Maria comes very well rehearsed in the Food Industry as well, utilizing her business management skills to successfully supervise the administrative operations and personnel at the four main hubs: Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas.  Maria has been instrumental in creating the standardized business model for all consultative services.  She remains focused on the growth and continued success of the company while residing in the Greater San Antonio area.  Maria is married to Albert Zamora, the Senior Consultant and together they have two daughters, both having graduated from college. . 

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Nasir Abbasi

Nasir Abbasi is a seasoned professional of the Foodservice Industry.  Since 1985, he has successfully deployed solutions for both Food Services and Food Safety Training environments.  His consultative responsibilities from 2010 thru 2015 included the formation of data analysis from a variety of sources obtained by a large client base to provide strategic solutions to long-term challenges.  Having studied at American University in Dubai, Nasir holds an MBA and he brings insight and expertise into the necessary training and development requirements for many of the company’s clients and their management teams.  Most recently, some of his projects have included:

  • Operational audits

  • Project management office design and implementation for large,

cross-functional projects

  • Business process and technical remediation for compliance efforts

  • Post-mergers and acquisitions business restructuring and systems


  • System replacement and upgrades

  • Organizational planning

  • Facilitating executive retreats

Nasir is particularly skilled at group facilitation and enjoys forging consensus among people with diverging ideas and opinions.

Stanley "Big Red" Watson
Business Meeting

Stanley began his career in 1989 at IndiWest Group, LLC, a Los Angeles-based casual dining concept, where he was responsible for the training and development of the operations teams for potential franchisees seeking to join the company.  He was instrumental in building up the brand awareness throughout the business model in its entirety.  In 1998 he joined the Diamond Foods Group where he served as VP Operations.  While at Diamond Foods he created a very successful campaign to improve the company-wide food safety standards and procedures by developing the internal auditing system which led to numerous blue plate awards by the regulatory authorities.  In 2009, Rest Ops Solutions recruited Stanley to the Consulting Services Team where he is instrumental in planning and preparing clients with the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies to successfully grow their business. 

Gina Langley

Gina Langley was recruited by Rest Ops Solutions in 2009 to function as a Consultant after a very successful twenty-eight year career in the Food Industry.  Gina’s latest accomplishment as Registered Sanitarian came when she decided that two decades of "hands-on" restaurant operations as Food Service Director had been enough.  With over 32,000 hours of coaching businesses along with certifications and mentorship from some of the top leaders in the U.S. from the USDA and FDA, Gina served a huge number of food service establishments.  It is no wonder why her clients get Positive RESULTS. 

Gina has successfully coached every foodservice business model under the sun with her expert abilities from start-up at the ground level to Fortune 100 Companies earning over $11 million in sales.  It is her commitment and belief in her clients’ success that is instrumental in helping them to reach phenomenal levels that they didn’t dream possible. 

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Joaquin (Joe) Abuelos

Mexico-born restaurateur, who also directed a successful chain of restaurants in the southern region of Mexico, has taken his love of food training to the next level by accepting the invitation to join Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) as a Consultant. 

Joe first embraced a love of food as a child, at family gatherings where he cooked for family events and numerous friends while growing up in Oaxaca.  He originally planned to be a doctor, finishing his associate degree and intern studies while learning English, but he soon realized his heart was not in it.  Joe left the medical environment behind and enrolled in culinary arts and more recently received an honorary degree in culinary arts.  With a world of choices ahead, he set out on a tour of countries known for great cuisine.   

In July 2010 Joe took the leap and became a Consultant with Rest Ops Solutions, a global leader in creating business solutions for foodservice operators in Texas and abroad.  

Given his Latin upbringing and charismatic personality, Abuelos was first offered the chance to showcase his skills in creating, introducing, and implementing HACCP plans for Hispanic foodservice operators all over the U.S. who were just beginning their pre-opening standard operating procedures.  His work is featured in compliance-approved inspections set forth by USDA and FDA requirements.

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Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) are both small, private, but unique foodservice consulting groups that restaurant chains rely on to achieve their greatest success potential from the many challenges they face. We accomplish this through strategic planning, an enormous knowledge base relative to the processes and procedures that take place in virtually every type of food operation, and by having unmatched culinary research and development capabilities.  You can rest assured that you are working with a family-owned company that has earned its customer satisfaction and trust from 30+ years of providing them with profitable solutions, and business success.

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