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The Rest Ops Solutions Food Safety 101 program focuses on the fundamentals of cross-contamination, time & temperature abuse, personal hygiene, and more

We offer innovative ideas for culinary success to anyone that may be interested in gaining a better understanding of the importance of food safety.  We do this by teaching participants in our Food Safety 101 course the ins and outs to keeping the foods that they serve safe from contamination as they work in their kitchen.  Our classes are fun, and fact-based for a greater learning experience.   Call the Dream Team to set up your lesson!   



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Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) introduce the Food Safety 101 program, a home-style version of the FDA Model Food Code, meant to help at-home participants with the important elements of food safety.  It is designed to reach anyone who is seeking a cutting-edge advantage when working with food at home.

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The Rest Ops Solutions & Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) Food Safety 101 program begins with a basic lesson plan that introduces the participants with a general understanding of pathogenic contamination.  Broken-down into a variety of component categories, participants can pick and choose a personalized lesson plan to fit their learning objectives. 

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At PME and Rest Ops Solutions, we help anyone that calls us to assist them with their needs.  We go to schools to offer early student food safety training to encourage a gained interest in continued learning.   We find that young minds are very interested in learning about food safety.   

Ordinary people, including some food operators are not really too sure where to turn to get the kind of training necessary to adequately protect the foods from potential contaminations that they frequently serve to their friends and family members every day. 


Most training in food safety can be obtained or learned ONLY while actually working inside a food service facility, such as a restaurant or a similar business operation, and not from books, or videos.  

But now there is good news for the average person that may have a genuine interest in learning food safety for their home use.  The industry experts at Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Management Enterprises have come up with a special in-home training program that is tailored just for the individuals who want to gain the most practical and cost-effective lesson planning available in the country.


The lesson plans offered by Rest Ops Solutions cover every aspect of food safety.  This means that the learning objectives associated with personal hygiene, cross-contamination, and time/temperature abuse will be discussed in class.  These important concepts are taught by our nationally acclaimed, licensed, and certified Instructor/Consultants.  Each of our consultants has an extensive knowledge base and has sufficiently worked their way into very senior positions within the Foodservices Industry, and they are fully advanced instructors. 


Our training sessions are live and in person,  at any of our classroom locations.  Or they could be arranged in advance at some other suitable location that has appropriate accommodations for holding a class.  If exams are opted for the purpose of obtaining an official certificate, we provide either written or on-line format, whichever is requested. 


Sessions are delivered by a senior level consultant/instructor.  The lessons are fun, informative, and very enlightening. All necessary materials are provided by the instructor holding the class session, so there is no need to worry about what to take to class.  Just show up as you are. 

Because of its cost effectiveness, our Food Safety 101 program is designed with you in mind.  We took you and your family's best interest in building it. We call it our Food Safety 101 program because it has all of the necessary components that the Food Industry expects all supervisors to have, but it is indeed for the general public.  It is formatted in a simple, easy-to-understand, mini-series, and you set the learning pace!  

Our Food Safety 101 program is a nationally acclaimed training program because it is strikingly similar to the mandated National Food Safety Training Program, utilizing the Food and Drug Model Food Code, and it is approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for all of America's Food Industry.  

Typical class times run about two to three hours, depending on the number of people in attendance, but very rarely ever last longer than three hours.  

Call the Dream Team today, at 888-695-9926 to set up a date and a time that is convenient for you.   We will gladly explain the details and clarify any questions that you may have whenever you choose to call us.  


We should note that Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) consultants provide the mandatory National Food Safety Training all over the United States, Canada, Mexico and in some parts of Europe, utilizing the FDA Model Food Code, which is approved by ANSI to obtain the Food Protection Manager Certificate necessary for all the food industry.  



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