The consultants at Rest Ops Solutions are licensed and certified Instructors/Proctors and under governmental law may teach ServSafe and/or NEHA, the only ANSI, nationally approved food safety courses in the United States.  So, no matter which Instructor/Proctor that you may have for your food safety training you can appreciate having one of the most talented sources available anywhere for upgrading and honing your knowledge base.  Our training format guarantees you optimal learning potential and exam success!  

The Health Departments in America require all persons who may ever be in charge of a shift, or anyone having supervisory authority in any type of food operation to have an up to date Food Manager Certification. 

The only Nationally approved certifications that meet this criteria are ServSafe and the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA).  Of the two training programs, NEHA offers so much more learning than ServSafe.

NEHA stands out (by far), in front of ServSafe in the way of detailed and in-depth, comprehensive FDA Model Food Code instruction, and with a deeper and wider range of discussions with supporting scientific data and analysis for much higher learning. NEHA is utilized almost entirely by all of America's health departments, 

While the ServSafe food safety program covers subject material such as the FDA Model Food Code, it falls very short of the deeper reasoning behind subject matter and centers on simplicity and fundamental lecture.  

Recent studies show that NEHA attendees are most likely to hold senior to executive level careers, and are most likely to have fewer failing or mediocre performing foodservice establishments within their business models.   

Listed below are some terms discussed in detail that ServSafe does not discuss or mention: 

        Under Outbreak Investigations

  1. Environmental Assessment considerations-  employee health, personal hygiene, date-marking, and active managerial control

        Under HACCP Planning

​    2.  Corrective & Preventive Actions- Improvements to material handling; process redesign; improvements go maintenance schedules; product re-design; error proofing; and environmental modification of training  

    Under Food Safety Terminology

     3.  Definitions- causative agents; mode of transmission; incubation periods; common-source outbreaks vs. propagated outbreaks; hypothesis characteristics; epidemiological and laboratory investigative teams; calculating relative risks and odds ratios; phases of bacterial growth; exotoxins, endotoxins, and enterotoxins; Nematodes, Cestodes, and Trematodes; Intrinsic vs.Extrinsic factors; mycotoxins or aflatoxins; updraft velocity factors; exhaust factors for Linear and Bach shelf Hoods; growth factors relative to reciprocal of absolute temperature; pathogen models and predictions; relationship of pH and Temperature to Growth Rates of specific pathogens; and so much more!


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