National Food Safety Training

The NEHA training is most commonly requested in the U.S. and it includes discussions about foodborne illness, how to prevent it, and how to effectively apply cleaning and sanitizing procedures to comply with environmental health codes.  It is a nationally accredited course and with the successful completion of the exam, participants receive the Food Protection Manager Certification, which is what all Health Departments require the managers to have. 

This is the Manager/Supervisor Class

             The Concepts of Training:

  • The Importance of Food Safety

  • Good Personal Hygiene

  • Time and Temperature Control

  • Preventing Cross-Contamination

  • Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Safe Food Preparation

  • Receiving and Storing Food

  • Methods of Thawing, Cooking, Cooling

       & Reheating Food

  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points

  • Food Safety Regulations

  • And more!

        Training and Exam Options

Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) provides the actual training materials for each participant.  The language is setup for either English or Spanish at the time that the class is confirmed with our office. 

Exams are offered in either written format, or on-line format. The format is also determined at the time that the class is confirmed with our office. 

WRITTEN EXAM - paper materials are used.

ON-LINE EXAM - participant will usually provide their own laptop, tablet, or other computer device to take to the exam.  If participant brings their own computer it MUST be one that the participant KNOWS how to operate without any problems (NOTE: Instructors DO NOT teach you how to use your own computer device). 

Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME) offers  Private and Public classes just about everywhere; classes at any of our locations throughout the four main hubs; for example: the  Greater Houston Area, or even at your location!  Whether it is a restaurant dining room, a conference room, or just an open office space, we can arrange classes to meet your demand.  In addition, we have classes whenever it works best for you, on your schedule.  Classes may be morning, noon, or night.

We are bilingual, so we do speak Espanol, tambien! 

We offer the actual Exam in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, English or just about any other language - just let us know in advance and we'll be sure to accommodate you.

We have classes for participants when nobody else can, will, should or does! 


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Training For FoodHandlers

Senate Bill (SB) 582 of the 84th Legislature (2015) amended the Texas Health and Safety Code.  This Bill authorizes the Health Department of any jurisdiction in the State of Texas to require any food service establishment to maintain a Certificate of Completion of a Training Course for its Employees of the food service establishment somewhere on the premises of that business.  These employees are known as "Foodhandlers."

This Bill set out to establish that a food service worker trained in a foodhandler training course such as those taught by Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute is considered to have met a local health jurisdiction's training, testing, and permitting as required by the State of Texas.  

Education of the foodhandlers provides more qualified employees, thereby reducing the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks caused by improper food preparation and handling techniques.

The FoodHandler Program by Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Entereprises (PME) is dedicated to the health and safety of the citizens of the state, educating food service employees in the principles of food safety to produce safe food products for Texas consumers.

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The Food Handler Programs taught by Rest Ops Solutions/Premiere Management Enterprises (PME)  provides the framework for accrediting food safety education and training programs for food handlers.

This is NOT the Same Class That is Needed by Managers


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