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Many food service establishments do not have the time or the resources to develop the systems that work best for them.  In fact, oftentimes they wind up working against them.  At Rest Ops Solutions we believe that by creating effective systems the critical steps towards meeting your goals would ensure a full potential to success. 
HACCP System (Plan)
A HACCP Plan helps to identify potential hazards which may occur at specific points throughout a food service operation.  These hazards are specifically identified as biological, chemical or physical.  Each HACCP Plan is very specific to only  one food service operation, and therefore may not be utilized by any other.  The HACCP Plan fundamentally accounts for the hazards which could potentially occur within the food service operation and it aims to prevent them from actually occurring during the flow of food.  It is based on seven principles. 
Human Resources, (a partial listing):
Behavioral-Based Interviewing
Workplace Harassment: EEOC- Sexual Harassment
Succession Planning
Employee/Manager Reviews & Evaluations
HR Audits
S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Cash Handling Policy
HR Posters
Whether you need guidance with personnel objectives or assistance with staffing concerns, let the experts at Rest Ops Solutions work with you to deliver superior results
Financial Planning, Marketing, and Planning & Research, (a partial listing):
From Budget Analysis, to P&L Reviewing; and, from Local Store Marketing to Market Analysis, every day our consultants work hard to build strong relationships with our clients to understand the issues and aspirations that drive them.  
Our partners and staff are dedicated to solving complex issues facing food service operations daily. 

We offer many more solutions through programs not listed here

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