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What separates us from all the other food consultants is our multidisciplinary approach to integrate sustainable adaptability of the solutions intended to overcome the challenges that your business faces.  

We are laser-focused on quality, both in terms of our own work and your business.
Many food service establishments do not have the time or the resources to develop solutions that would work best for them whenever difficult challenges arise.  In fact, sometimes internal efforts to address those challenges wind up working against the business model efficacy.  With Rest Ops Solutions & Premiere Management Enterprises, PME we believe that from having decades of experience in dealing with unit-specific issues for many different food operators, building strong business relationships is important.  It also means that we will work to gain a full understanding and a visual perception of what our client's business model goals and objectives are.  This will serve to facilitate a solid platform for working in unison with our client to help advance a developing plan for intended action.  Forward progress then includes creating the key elements outlined to coincide with a set of field-generated methodology that is designed to deliver the expected and agreed upon results.  
We completely recognize that our clients are engaged every day in maintaining every possible lead over their competition.  It is the basis for every business model's uniqueness.  To that end, all of our consultants fully understand the size and the scope of keeping everything that they engage in for a client completely confidential and under the strictest cognizance.
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A HACCP System is recognized globally as a method of identifying and managing food safety related risks.  It is a program that when properly designed and managed can provide your customers, the public, and regulatory agencies with a sensible degree of scientific assurance that a facility's food safety program is centered upon a framework that is well managed via active managerial control measures.

Some applicable measures include identifying the hazards and taking control of biological, chemical, and physical contaminations that are likely to occur from raw material production, procurement, and handling, to manufacturing, distribution and/or consumption. of food products.  


An excellent food safety program does not stop with a HACCP system.  To be effective, a prerequisite set of control programs such as pest control, traceability and recall, hygiene and sanitation, and pathogenic control plans would also need to be developed, and then implemented specifically in a single, intended facility for which it was designed.


Nonetheless, suppliers and distributors must also have a food safety program in place, and it  must be addressed through the development of ingredient specifications and a vendor assurance system.  Letters of Guarantee would be sufficient for products purchased.   

Human Resources, (a partial listing):
Behavioral-Based Interviewing
Workplace Harassment: EEOC- Sexual Harassment
Succession Planning
Employee/Manager Reviews & Evaluations
HR Audits
S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Cash Handling Policy
HR Posters

Whether you need guidance with personnel objectives or assistance with staffing concerns, let the experts at Rest Ops Solutions work with you to deliver superior results
Business Operations 

Our Consultants are seasoned experts with decades of experience in the food industry.  We will work very hard to help your team work more efficiently so the business grows faster and your customers are more pleased with your services.  You'll be able to see your business achieve its greatest potential.  

Financial Planning, Marketing, and Planning & Research, (a partial listing):
From Budget Analysis, to P&L Reviewing; and, from Local Store Marketing to Market Analysis, every day our consultants work hard to build strong relationships with our clients to understand the issues and aspirations that drive them.  
Our consulting services teams are dedicated professionals of the food industry.  They look forward to solving the complex issues facing the food service operations every day, in just about any corner of the globe.  From a start-up business, to a multi-faceted global food operation outside the United States, both teams from PME and Rest Ops Solutions are eager to inspire even the most specialized individuals having the most amazing financial skills and aptitude.
Call the Dream Team: 888-695-9926  or  832-581-7096


We operate from four main "hubs" - San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin

We offer many more solutions through programs not listed here

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There are so many important programs and process procedures that must function precisely and efficiently for the success of any business model.  Any food operator knows that.  

The team of consultants at Rest Ops Solutions and PME are all experts in recognizing the synergies that necessitate calibration and maintenance  from time to time.  This way, the        challenges that could arise from the ever-changing industry can be managed through well- coordinated strategic adjustments and business-savvy solutions.  Given these facts, it is not possible for anyone to list every single challenge that could arise at any given time.  

For this reason, if your business is facing certain challenges but you do not see a program listed here that may address it, just call us.  We will develop a special program and offer solutions that will net optimal success and reaches established goals and objectives.    


               Call the Dream Team Today at 888-695-9926   or Email Us at

What We Do

We Provide You With the Best of Both Worlds- Food Safety Training, & Complete Consulting Services in Beverage & Beverage Service, and Programs & Process Improvement

Through the synergies created by merging Premiere Management Enterprises and Rest Ops Solutions we are now better able to provide two very different types of Operational services that you could only get from reaching out to at least two different companies.   

   Some More of What We Can Do with Our Consulting  Services 

Multi-Unit Operations

      Each one of our PME & Rest Ops Solutions Consultants is an industry expert and is capable of engineering even the very most of complex operating business model templates.  Should you ever find yourself looking to create a positive change in your business from a single-unit operation into a multi-unit operation.  Through your efforts for growth potential and with help from our "Dream Team" of industry experts, together we will achieve a greater level for success in obtaining that goal.  We have substantially enjoyed tremendous success in building the framework necessary for expansion plans for many of our clients, and we would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss further details for how we could do the same for you.  For projects having such a need for attention to detail , as this would require, it is advisable for you to only use and rely on proven industry experts, like those who work at PME & Rest Ops Solutions. 

       Even the largest globally successful multi-unit food operators started with a single unit.  Their success was based on the very core objectives that we provide when we help our clients with these needs: 

  • A defined vision

  • Proper Planning

  • A Marketing strategy that is effective

  • An understanding and a willingness to refine and maybe make changes/additions to existing processes/procedures

  • A dedication to overall consistency

     All these objectives, and many others not listed here may account for how PME & Rest Ops Solutions would work with you, and how we can help to build your brand and your business model.  ​

Start-Up Plans for New Businesses

From having an abundance of confidence in each of the consultants at Rest Ops Solutions & Premiere Management Enterprises, PME, we know that individually, and especially as a collaborating Dream Team of skilled experts, that if your plans to begin your dream business are finally coming to fruition, you should rest assured that we are the source for you to contact.  Aside from a solid track record from helping so many food operators open up their business in just about every place imaginable, some of our core strengths come from maximizing efficacy and efficiency right out of the gate.  Whether you're opening up a fast-food restaurant, a taqueria, a cafeteria, C-store, grocery store, or slaughtering facility- or anything in between, call on us!  We are the experts on making everything go right on track, on pace, and on time by eliminating mistakes, and unforseen, yet quite costly surprises.  We maximize the potential for your continued success.  

A small portion of what we will do includes:

  • Conducting your market analysis

  • Reviewing your conceptual design and its development

  • Planning/Analyzing your Menu for Operational Efficiency

  • Local Store Marketing strategies

  • Establishing Product Par Levels

  • Establishing Labor Productivity & Efficiencies

  • Determining Budget Accuracies/Deficiencies

  • Overall Business Plan Review

  • Analysis of Financial Objectives/Obligations

  • Product Flow Program-Start to Final

  • Ratios for ROI

  • Operations Procedures and SOP

  • HACCP Plans

  • Active Managerial Controls

  • Vendor and Approved Supplier Reviews

  • Food Safety and Risk Controls

  • Much more

Our team of consultants will assist you to evaluate all of the potential obstructive opportunities before they arise, so together we may take appropriate actions to achieve success over the variety of pitfalls that others have experienced when they took matters into their own hands.  We are the "No-nonsense" heavy-homerun hitters of the food industry and that is "why" we lead the rest.

Healthy Vegan Salad

Ask anyone in the world, "who leads the way in global food services and in food safety," and they'll tell you, "the United States."  And it would be true.  Similarly, ask anyone, "who leads America in consulting services to the food industry," and their response would be, "Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Management Enterprises."  And that too, would be true.  

We didn't start-out like most companies.  We aimed to be substantially ahead of the rest, right out from the gate.  And the way we planned it was by hiring the most brilliant, industry-related individuals having verifiable credentials to prove it.  In advance of realizing that for being the best at something tangible, it would require having the best (in what you are looking for) to start with.  So,  we took our time to search for, and to bring-in only the finest professionals.  And then we spent huge amounts of resources, and we trained them to be even better.  Today, we also provide them with ongoing support and training so they remain cutting edge, and positioned at the tip of the sword.   Our clients constantly tell us they want our Dream Team expertise.  


Along this line of thinking, the Rest Ops Solutions & PME team of consultants has come to be known in the food industry as a nationally acclaimed team of food experts that master-mind the engineering synergies necessary to re-align in positive form, any distressed food establishment, or any operation in general, from any phase ranging from concept to expansion. 

When it comes to offering our clients with the best solutions available, we have to deliver on this claim- and we do so by being resourceful and having access to the absolute greatest depth of expertise in the business- our own team of experts!  We extend the benefits to our clients by providing them with an engineered, transformative change for maximized success in profitability, process, and procedural agility.  Our support and solutions do not end there.  We provide on-going support as often as may be necessary for our client to establish and to re-capture their own strategic self-reliance capability.  Here are some areas for you to consider having the experts at Rest Ops Solutions & PME to work together with you: 


  • A new or lingering crisis situation

  • Daily concerns regarding employee productivity

  • Staffing issues (schedules ineffective-too many changes)

  • Fluctuating cost controls (labor, food, operations)

  • Falling short of meeting Company Objectives (S.M.A.R.T. goals)

  • Cash Shortages (theft, re-training necessary, etc.)

  • Shortfall in Quality, Safety, Cleanliness (QSC)

  • Food Safety Training Necessary- no trainers

  • Weak Management, No reliable Candidates

  • Daily Tasks Falling Short of Expected Levels

  • Future of the Business Model is Questionable

  • Timeliness of Performance Evaluations (Mgrs./Team) Fall Short of Deadline

  • Weak Management-Need Training

  • Weak Operations Team- Need Training

  • Much More

When any of the listed Operational obligations need attention, you need to call the experts at PME & Rest Ops Solutions for a confidential, speedy arrangement to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.  In many instances it could have a greater influence on your customers, staff, and company directors than you could imagine, as any seasoned food operator would agree. 


With help from PME & Rest Ops Solutions you can rest assured that a turnaround process will revitalize and improve your business model.  Imagine having the weight of the world being immediately lifted off from your shoulders! There's no greater feeling when your entire team and the culture of the business is completely restored to new again.  Give our Dream Team a call.  You'll be glad you did!

888-695-9926   or  832-581-7096


Quality Assurance and Active Training for Optimal Performance in Real Time

It is nothing new that many companies call on Rest Ops Solutions & Premiere Management Enterprises- PME, to provide their operating teams with an added layer of protection against regulated compliance deficiency.  Every food operation in business has unannounced health compliance inspections, and oftentimes, the inspectors arrive at a time when nobody in the food operation expects to see them.  

For this reason and many others, more and more companies are relying on the experienced food safety specialists at Rest Ops Solutions and Premiere Management Enterprises (PME), who actually train the  local, state, and federal Health Departments, to provide training sessions for their operations teams.  These companies hire our experts to perform the very tasks that they, the health inspectors are trained to perform.  Imagine having an actual Health Inspector on YOUR team!  Think of how significantly more superior than your fiercest competitor your food operation would be! 


That is a powerful statement of factual potential!   Imagine having OUR professionals conduct Quality, Service, and Cleanliness (QSC) inspections at your food operation.  And then the same day, right after your QSC evaluation/inspection, OUR professionals demonstrate the actual skill and practical applications that apply to your business, so that your team would know what to look out for, AND so they would know and understand "the scientific reason behind why those procedural steps must be performed in a specified way!" 


That would be much more impactful than just having anyone, or perhaps no one at all, to ever show your team members "the how and the why" certain procedural steps must be performed-  to prevent violations, and to prevent foodborne illnesses. 

We all know how awkward and difficult it is to try to implement change.  Now, try to imagine how many team members in a single food operation are continually doing things wrong. 


Even the simple things that the supervisors observe and do nothing to resolve or correct the habit can lead to foodborne illness and health code violations.  For example, chewing gum around food; leaving a utensil lying atop a food item; not washing hands properly; walking to work in their complete uniform; not wearing a hair restraint; handling clean dishes the wrong way; time-temperature abusing food products; cross-contaminating; practicing poor personal hygiene; and the list goes on, and on. 


As inspector/consultant-trainers, our professionals consistently train the food operations teams all over the United States essentially in every single business model.  Our professional Food Safety Specialists were invited to help shape the current ServSafe & NEHA exams that are made available to the food industry by the National Restaurant Association.  

One certain fact worth noting and acting upn is our QSC services, your food operation will UNDOUBTEDLY rise to the top, and your customers will notice the absolute immaculate cleanliness of your food operation and your team members.   

Call the Dream Team:  832-581-7096  or  888-695-9926





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